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My husband and love of my life is my reason I moved to Switzerland in 2005. Born in sunny Miami, Florida USA, raised in Atlanta, Georgia with a loving Mexican Poppa and a wonderful American momma who both had their experiences and stories of adventure together long before I came in the picture has opened my eyes to a life of culture, travel and adventure!

Me and my 3 siblings were raised in a loving family with Christian values and it was something that allowed me a chance to grow in a positive atmosphere, and helps me give back to others, especially those that didn’t have it as good as I did. I studied Interior Design in Buckhead, Atlanta USA and shortly after, began work along side my father in his construction company.

Then it happened…I met my husband at our churches christian youth camp in 2003, fell in love, got married, moved to Switzerland, and a couple years later in 2007 came across Mary Kay Cosmetics through a very interesting story all of it’s own, and that lead me to my contact supplier for my Bella's Bags, and it has just been growing since! I love what I do and offering people beautiful packing products to help them with their business or private packaging needs. In 2008 I  started this dream of mine to be a shop owner, only didn’t think it would be a webshop. Bella’s Bags - where I offer a product range from Decorative packaging articles to gifts, decorations and accessoires – for your business needs or pleasures! Baggies for kids Birthday parties, Weddings, Reunions or whatever special event it may be, I am sure I have something that will make your item easier to pack without compromising the beauty of the package but on the contrary spicing up that special gift.

Take a peek through our product range and please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or be looking for a certain item that we might not carry, but perhaps could offer in the future.

Life is full of surprises and it awaits a worthy Dualing partner for an adventurous ride! I hope you can be inspired today and LIVE life to the fullest!

Bella's Bags Owner

Elizabeth Knechtli



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